Tuesday, December 31, 2013


   This has been in my heart and on my mind for over three years.  A Blog that interacts with my yearly reading of the Bible. 

   As the ladies of Mt. View Baptist planned and geared up for what to study in the new year of 2014  I suggested we read through the Bible and study it as a whole.  Not a detailed verse by verse study that would take each word apart, but a read through to hear and get a perspective of the whole mind of God as revealed to us in the pages of scripture.  The idea took on support and others agreed.
   Preparations have been made.  Friends have been invited. You are invited to participate with us.   Come meet with us weekly on either Monday evenings at 7pm or Wednesday mornings at 10am. 
Log in on this blog and find out what we are discovering as we journey through Scripture Chronologically using the S.O.A.P. Journal Method.   Journals are available from me (Tonja) or just grab a notebook and create your own.  The reading schedule is at the welcome center at church or connect to the link on this page to find what passage to read each day.
   Certainly others have done this before.  Yet this is our chance to hear from God daily this year and fellowship with others inviting them to grow with us in the Lord.  If God put it in the Bible He wants me to know it, understand it, and obey it.  My goal is to read it, to know it.   Study it, to understand it. And do it, to obey it.
   Dr. B.B. Sutcliff said,
 "Studying God's Word is dangerous, unless it affects the heart and changes lives."
   Here's to the start of a year of change.